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What About Penis Pumps to Get My Penis Bigger?


Guys, skip the pumps! Here’s why pumping to get your penis bigger should be avoided:

  • First of all, you have to buy a pump.  Find one online, then order it and pray that it doesn’t get left on your neighbors doorstep instead of yours!
  • Any time you buy some sort of contraption you run the risk of it not working right or breaking down, etc.  Replacement parts, or ordering a whole new unit is then required.
  • Pumps can be DANGEROUS.  This is the main problem with pumps, the safety risks.  You can over pump, you can pump too much without thinking you are pumping too much until it’s too late.  There are many bad stories out there regarding pumping misfortunes.
  • The results aren’t even that great (if they work at all).   The verdict on whether pumps even work is still out, and the guys that do report gains, well they tend not to be nearly as good as jelqing.  Many guys simply give up on pumping due to the safety factors.

As far as penis pumps “to get my penis bigger”, they are best to avoid.

Check this video out about the real way to go for increased penis size gains: