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Get My Penis Bigger By Summer!


“Now’s the time to get my penis bigger”

This is what a lot of men are thinking as spring rolls along and they envision the summertime to come. If you get going now you can gain some size by summer. Even if summer is here by the time you read this you can still start growing and get some bigger penis size.

But let’s say you start in May. You could set a goal of July for adding some notable size to your member.

What does it take to get started?

First you need a good exercise enlarging routine to get rolling with. One that you can figure out in an afternoon and start exercising that night. This is the quickest and most effective routine I’ve found online – Enlarging Exercises

Next you have to be patient, and consistent. Find a few minutes each day to set aside for exercising. Don’t expect anything big to happen right away, but give it some weeks to notice gains.

Summers a great time to get big. Everything’s more exposed, so wearing shorts and swim trunks, or just stripping down to bikini briefs for some swimming or hot tub action, you will definitely be more noticeable in your size department and will be highly impressive for the ladies who will definitely be paying attention.

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What Penis Size Gains Should I Expect With Jelqing?


This is a common question regarding jelqing – how big can I expect to get?  There are 3 important criteria regarding size gains:

  1. Consistency.  Are you jelqing regularly?  This is what brings on big size.  You have to be consistent with the exercises.  Once in a while doesn’t work.
  2. Time.  How long have you been jelqing?  If you have been jelqing for a week you probably won’t have gained anything yet.  If you have been jelqing for 3-6 weeks you should probably see your first inch gain by now, and if you have been jelqing longer you can expect even bigger gains.
  3. Following a Program.  Finally, the biggest thing determining size is whether or not you are following a program.  A program provides not only the quick route to penis size gains, but the gains themselves are MUCH bigger than what you would experience trying to do jelqing on your own.  Time and again a good jelqing program proves to be HUGE when it comes to getting huge size.  Programs provide discipline and direction which are vital for getting bigger penis size.

Taking the above into consideration, you can expect 1-4 inches of size gain depending on the above and the time you put into jelqing exercises.