Can a Penis Pump like the BATHMATE Work to get my penis bigger?


There’s been a lot of talk about penis pumps lately, mainly due to the popularity of water based pumps like the brand shown above called the Bathmate.

These are much different from older pumps. Not only do you use water to create the pressure, but the build itself is much sturdier and much more simple. Less parts = less problems.

What about the results? Can a penis pump like the bathmate actually work to get my penis bigger?

Well the results have been actually positive. Guys are reporting back size gains.

But, just put up a page on the bathmate and they make a good point about going with penis exercises (like jelqing) first and then giving the pump route a try. And definitely, they say, don’t do both at the same time unless you are advanced.

Here’s the write-up from Size Girth to read all about the Bathmate (click here)
And for traditional jelqing exercises, click here.

3 Responses to “Can a Penis Pump like the BATHMATE Work to get my penis bigger?”

  1. As the use of this pump ended up being popular over time, males obtain to understand about the other perks of the pumps. When you start pumping the vacuum obtains created around the penis, which draws in the blood to the penis. Beginning pumping your penis this will certainly produce a vacuum around the penis and also the blood attracts in the penis After utilizing it for a while quit pumping as well as gradually slide in the restriction band to the penis base.

  2. It’s the 1st and easily am not wrong the only pump that uses drinking water. This combination helps the penis to grow.

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