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Get my penis bigger with exercises or with pills?


When it comes to trying to obtain bigger penis size, one of the most popular approaches are taking pills. You see these advertised and hyped up everywhere. Paid actors star in infomercials proclaiming they have achieved bigger penis size simply by popping a pill.

There is a saying, “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” And this is the case with pills for trying to achieve bigger penis size. At best, pills will increase some blood flow and may give the appearance of a larger penis temporarily. It doesn’t last and the size is not that impressive anyway.

There’s another saying, “hard work is what always works”. And this is where exercises come in. Although they don’t have to be considered “hard work” if you do them correctly and efficiently, using a good routine to get size. The point is that “work” has to be done to achieve results. How you go about that work is up to you. You could spend 30 minutes exercising or only spend 6 minutes exercising depending on how you exercise.

Focus mainly on the “jelqing exercise”. This exercise has you using your hands to stroke your penis in a slow and controlled manner. Starting at the base you take one hand and wrap your forefinger and thumb around the penis. Then slowly massage up with one stroke. You then repeat with the other hand for a certain number of sets and reps. The penis should be in a semi-erect state, and should be lubricated well.

Jelqing works by exercising the tissue and allowing it to regrow to larger size.

Now results don’t occur overnight. Remember that other saying? Something about, the best results will come to those who wait. This is the case with jelqing.

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