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How Can I Get My Penis Bigger? Why JELQING Is The Best Method For Legit Size Gains


Guys, there are a TON of methods out there all claiming to give you a bigger penis. But there is really only ONE method that actually works, and will deliver gains in both length, and thickness. It’s the jelqing exercise.

Jelqing is basically an exercise which you perform with your hands, on your penis.  You don’t need any contraptions or devices, only the use of your hands, some lubrication and some good instruction.

Here’s why jelqing is the best method for legit penis size gains:

  • It’s been around a LONG time.  This method has been tried and true for hundreds of years.  Although it has only become popular in the mainstream in recent years, there has been tribes doing this as part of ritual for a long, long time.  And very early photographs have revealed incredibly long penis size gains.
  • It does NOT require pills or contraptions.  It’s good old fashion exercise using only your hands.  This is very important, because it is the most “all natural” method for size gain.  You know it’s legit, if it requires actual “work” to get results.
  • Most Positive Feedback.  Out of all the methods, the most positive feedback from guys gaining size has been from guys doing the  jelqing method.  Guys continue to report that it does work and the gains are impressive.

So how do you do jelqing?  Well the best thing to do is get on a good routine or program which has worked for other guys.  This way you don’t wast time trying to figure everything out on your own, and instead you can just start getting big immediately.  Here is a proven program that a ton of guys are using with awesome results –

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But I do want to show you how to jelq.  Check out this awesome video (it’s also slightly humorous as a banana is used as an example!), but it deomonstrates very well how to do the jelqing method for increased penis size gains:


What Penis Size Gains Should I Expect With Jelqing?


This is a common question regarding jelqing – how big can I expect to get?  There are 3 important criteria regarding size gains:

  1. Consistency.  Are you jelqing regularly?  This is what brings on big size.  You have to be consistent with the exercises.  Once in a while doesn’t work.
  2. Time.  How long have you been jelqing?  If you have been jelqing for a week you probably won’t have gained anything yet.  If you have been jelqing for 3-6 weeks you should probably see your first inch gain by now, and if you have been jelqing longer you can expect even bigger gains.
  3. Following a Program.  Finally, the biggest thing determining size is whether or not you are following a program.  A program provides not only the quick route to penis size gains, but the gains themselves are MUCH bigger than what you would experience trying to do jelqing on your own.  Time and again a good jelqing program proves to be HUGE when it comes to getting huge size.  Programs provide discipline and direction which are vital for getting bigger penis size.

Taking the above into consideration, you can expect 1-4 inches of size gain depending on the above and the time you put into jelqing exercises.

What About Penis Pills To Get My Penis Bigger?


This is one of the most advertised methods to get a bigger penis. You see ads all over the place. TV, magazines, and online. This racket has been going on for years. The hope of getting your penis bigger simply by popping a pill. No hard work, no exercising, all you have to do is pop a pill a day.

Sounds too good to be true, eh? Well you know what they say…

It is too good to be true. None of the ingredients in pills have ever proven to increase penis size. At best, they provide a temporary blood flow increase which might cause a slight, and TEMPORARY size gain. But it doesn’t last. This is why who hear all the “claims of penis size gain” made by individuals. They are only temporary gains at best.

But most penis pills are simply bunk. That is, they don’t do anything! Just useless herbs which prey upon the placebo effect at best.

Furthermore, pills are a huge waste of money. It’s not just one bottle or “7 day supply” that you will need, but it’s the constant refills required. This turns it into a huge monthly expense, and for what? For useless herbs that don’t even work!

Guys, check out this video for what really works for penis size increase: